Case Study: - A Journey of Moroccan Flavors is an online store that brings the authentic taste of Morocco to the world. It offers a variety of Moroccan food-inspired products, including harissa, shakshuka, and tagine sauces, olives, olive oil, lentils, and a variety of teas.

I was approached for this project with the challenge of designing a website that not only sells products but tells the story of Mina Kallamni, her journey from Morocco to Paris to New York, and her love for traditional Moroccan food. The website needed to share the rich culture and tradition behind the products.

As the principal designer, I focused on creating a narrative that would weave through the entire website. The design process started with understanding Mina’s journey and the stories behind each product. This understanding was then translated into a visual language that represented the vibrant culture and history of Morocco. It was also important to emphasized sharing - not just the products but also traditional recipes. This was achieved by incorporating a dedicated section for recipes, where users could learn how to use the products to create traditional Moroccan dishes.

Shopify was chosen as the CMS platform for its robust e-commerce capabilities. It allowed me to build a seamless online shopping experience, manage inventory, and handle transactions securely.

The new website design has significantly improved online sales. But more than that, it has created a community of people who appreciate the rich flavors and traditions of Moroccan cuisine.

The success of is a testament to the power of storytelling in design. It shows that a website can be more than just a place to buy products; it can be a window into a culture and a tradition.

The project was a journey in itself - a journey of understanding a culture, translating it into a design, and sharing it with the world. The website is not just a testament to Mina’s journey but also to the journey of every product that finds its way from the bustling markets of Morocco to a kitchen somewhere in the world.