Personal Coat of Arms

The process of crafting my personal coat of arms was inspired by the rich tradition of European medieval heraldry. In that tradition early heraldic designs were personal, used by individuals who carefully crafted their coat of arms to represent them. So, in that spirit I set out to design my own in a similar manner.

At the heart of my design is the shield, the canvas that frames the visual narrative of my brand. In the language of heraldry, the blazonry describes it as a "bendy of sixteen sinister wavy argent and sable." This bendy, a series of 16 black and white, stripes in an undulating pattern draws and helps to keep the attention of the viewers.

Above the bendy, crowning the shield, sits the chief—a prominent band that anchors the visual composition. Here, three wolf heads in argent command attention against the dark backdrop. In the language of heraldic blazonry, it is described as "on a chief sable three wolf heads argent.” The choice of three wolf heads represent my family’s three dogs.

Overall I am very pleased with the design. It is a nod to the old traditions of heraldry, while also looking to modern principles of personal branding.