From the Archive: Christmas at Biltmore

Back in 2010, while I was still working at Click Here Labs, we landed the Biltmore estate as a client. They came to us and asked that we build a engaging experiential website that would reflect the magic of Christmas at the Biltmore. Our challenge here was great, especially since we only had two weeks to design and develop the site. In a turn of events that I have never experienced before or after, our small team met our deadline, with no setbacks and passing with zero issues from our QA team. Truly, a Christmas miracle!

From the Archive: Christmas at Biltmore

There are a number of unique (for the time) features that we were able to include. The first was seamless transitions between the various pages of content, which was far more challenging in the days before Angular or React. I used a library called Sammy.js, that made use of routes to load in the relevant content when needed. The site also features a day/night mode (a precursor to dark mode) that could be toggled by the user, but that the site would automatically set for the page depending on if you visited it during the day or night.

The microsite was taken down long ago, but I kept a copy of it and have it up and running on my own server.

You can check it out here!